Top Rated Dog Trails Around Gambrills and Annapolis Maryland

With spring right around the corner, you and your pup will be ready to get outside and explore. Luckily for both of you, there are plenty of options nearby! Check out some of the top-rated dog trails in and around Annapolis and Gambrills.

The Best Dog Trails around Gambrills

White Oak Trail

This easy one-mile trail is a great way to kick off walks for beginning walkers of all ability levels dogs and humans alike. Traffic is moderate to light, and the trail is filled with lush wildflowers and occasional wildlife. It’s a great place to go to really get away from it all and enjoy a quiet day with just you and your dog.

Lone Wolf Trail

Access this park from Odenton Park via Strawberry Lake Way Bicycle Path. The Lone Wolf Trail is a relatively easy asphalt-paved one-mile trail. It winds through the woods for a scenic walk and is fun for people and dogs of all ages and many ability levels. If you have a little bit more energy left, you can check out the intersecting two-mile Strawberry Lake Way Path before you head home.

Gambrill Yellow Trail

For a bit more of a challenge, the Gambrill Yellow trail will give you and your pup a workout to remember. This trail is filled with vibrant yellow poplars and lush ferns covering the ground. It is less well-traveled than some of the easier trails and a little more rugged with a sharp descent and a bit of a climb. Make sure you and your dog are fit and hearty before giving this one a try and bring along water and snacks for both of you before hitting the trail.

The Catoctin National Recreation Trail

High-energy dogs and their high-energy handlers will love this nearly 30-mile trail, which stretches along scenic byways, historic districts, archaeological resources, lakes, and even encompasses a few miles of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. The trail is not only long but also challenging, so come prepared with water, supplies, and maybe even camping gear if you plan to spend the night along the way. This trail offers the promise of unforgettable adventures.

The Best Dog Trails around Annapolis

Grist Mill Trail

Located in Patapsco Valley State Park, the five-mile Grist Mill Trail is named for the flour mill that once operated near the town of Orange Grove. You and your dog can cross an old suspension bridge, dabble in streams, or check out old railroad tanker ruins.

Kent Island South Trail

At six miles, this trail is of moderate intensity and paved for comfort. It runs parallel from Route 8 at Matapeake State Park to Romancoke Pier. Before you leave, make sure you take your furry family member to the Dog Beach at the Chesapeake Bay. While dogs are not permitted at the public beach or its surroundings, there is a pet trail and dog beach where you and your pup can play to their heart’s content.

Washington, Baltimore, and Annapolis Trail

At just over nine miles, this trail might be a bit of a challenge for some dogs and their people. It starts at Annapolis Road and MLK Highway and follows along the Main Line railroad. While the trail features little tree coverage, there is still ample wildlife, including herons, ducks, deer, and turtles.

Baltimore and Annapolis Trail

The B&A Trail stretches from Annapolis to Glen Burney and offers several fun features along the way, including horticultural gardens, parks, and a gazebo. It stretches along 13 miles, but you can turn around any time you and your pup get tired.

Whenever hiking with your furry friends, remember to keep them on a lead for their safety unless you are in a designated off-leash area, such as a dog beach. Pack out whatever you bring with you and bring several spare bags just in case your dog has a few extra surprises in store for you. Most importantly, have fun! Hikes are a great way to add mental and physical stimulation to your dog’s life.

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