The Dog Thrive Boarding Experience! A story told by one of our regulars.

The “first-paw” thoughts (in bold) of Spot experiencing an overnight stay at Dog Thrive.

“Come Spot, get in the car.” Where we going Mom???? You are not really kicking me out like Gary the cat said you would, are you?

Woohoo, car rides are my favorite! Mom why aren’t you sticking your head out the window too???

(Car Parks)

Hey, I know where we are! I love this place! Wonder which of my pals are inside, Gizmo? Charlie? Mr. Gibbs? Come on Mom, hurry up! Woof!

(Enters Dog Thrive)

“Good Afternoon, Mrs. Parker welcome back to Dog Thrive, and hey there Spot, you good boy, come here!” Ahhhh, she always remembers to rub my belly!

“Well, Mrs. Parker, unless you have any special requests or notes for us, we will take Spots meals and belongings, get him weighed in and off to daycare to play with his pals.”

Woof! Hey what’s this thing I am standing on? (BEEP) “43 pounds, 3 more than his last visit. No signs of any skin problems or injuries. Ok let’s go join your pack!”

Hey guys! Great to be back at this playland… (*Sniff, Sniff, Sniff*) take it easy new guy. Ovie what’s with the Mr. Sniffs-a-lot? Let’s play!

Time to go outside now? Yay! Sunshine, fresh air and some more belly rubs, what more could I ask for. Hey Amelia, I can run up the ramps faster than you!

(A few hours later)

Bye Roscoe, See ya Grace, Adios Bailey & Channing. I hope Mom is not here for me already, this is too much fun. “Come on Spot, time for your dinner.” I know that word, YUM. “Ate everything, ok making a note of that.”

More playtime outside? Awesome! I have never been here when the sun goes down. Wonder what we do next. “Night time bathroom break, check… Ok, Spot, this way buddy.” Look my very own comfy bed, in my own private room! Good because I can’t keep my eyes open, I am pooped! ZzZzZzZz…

(The following morning)

“Good Morning Spot! (belly rub) Let’s go outside.” Hey it is morning time, I slept at this playland place and boy was I tired. The morning sun feels great… (Sniff, Sniff) this is my spot, Ahhhh. “Ok, let’s go back inside, Spot. It’s time for breakfast buddy.”

(2 minutes later)

“Wow, slow down next time Spot, I don’t want you to get a bellyache. Ate everything… check. Ok, after your food settles, it is time for daycare!”

Woohoo, another day of fun and play with my pals! Hey, Bowser! You are here already!

(A few hours later)

“Spot, come. Sorry to see you go but your mom is here for you, time to go home.”

Mom!!! I had a sleepover here and it was awesome. I played with so many of my friends all day and got my own private room to sleep and then today I played and we went outside and played and I took a quick nap, then played and played and played… Woof!

“Well, Mrs. Parker, Spot was full of energy as usual. He ate very well, had normal potty breaks and did a whole lot of socializing and playing, all of which are noted on his report card… here you go. Spot is a joy to have and we hope you bring him back in soon! Bye Spot!”

Ahhh one last belly rub. Mom, you will bring me back here soon right? Is Gary the cat still at home? Does he have his own playland? When am I coming back Mom, when? Oh look a car ride, woohoo…

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