The Benefits of Cage-Free Dog Boarding

How does your dog sleep most comfortably at home? Believe it or not, some dogs enjoy the secure environment of a crate but the vast majority are most comfortable sleeping freely and choosing their own spot. Furthermore, a dog’s social instincts make them desire to be close to other dogs and/or humans.

These factors are a just a few of the many reasons why we offer cage-free dog boarding here at Dog Thrive. After a full day of exercise and socialization in our dog daycare, (included in the cost of boarding) your pup should be comfortable enough with the pack to be able to choose who he cuddles up with for the night. If your dog prefers to sleep alone, they too have the freedom to find a spot solo. Keep in mind that when dogs are used to the freedom they have at home to walk around, sleep wherever they want, etc. being caged can make them feel anxious, lonely, stressed and/or bored. A benefit of our cage-free boarding is the independence and freedom it gives every dog to choose whatever makes them most comfortable during their stay. In other words, cage-free boarding = stress free boarding!

Another benefit of cage-free boarding with Dog Thrive is our 24/7 supervision provided by our friendly and trained staff. Alike the natural pack instincts in dogs, they also have a need for human interaction. Unlike many kennels, our dog loving staff will be supervising your dog, providing love and care, as well as ensuring a safe and comfortable environment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Remember that here at Dog Thrive, we treat your dog like family and we want to return your furry best friend to you in that same happy state you dropped them off in.

Do you think your dog would benefit and be most comfortable in a cage-free atmosphere?  Visit the boarding section of our website at for more information and check out our boarding video.  Or call 443-281-3647 to make a reservation today!