Dog Grooming In Annapolis and Gambrills

Keep your dog feeling fresh and clean

Giving your dog a fresh look

Dog Thrive offers grooming and bathing services for all dog breeds. We have state of the art equipment and trained professionals that will take care of your dog’s grooming needs. Whether it is for a full grooming, tidy-up, or just a dog wash, we can accommodate your dog.


Dog Bathing

Full service dog baths include nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, teeth gel, breath spray, premium shampoo and conditioner, paw balm, blow dry, express service and bow or bandana.

Dog Grooming

Our dog grooming service includes everything mentioned in our dog bathing section plus a full haircut! That’s right, your dog will not only get pampered and feel clean, but look its best too.


Grooming not only keeps your dog feeling fresh and clean, it has health benefits, too! A groomer can sometimes spot health problems before they become serious or even life threatening. Also, consistent grooms are found to keep dogs happier.


Bathing Pricing*

Short haired bath

<20 lbs$30

21-40 lbs$36

41-70 lbs$48

71-100 lbs$60

101-130 lbs$72

131+ lbs$85

Long Haired Bath

<20 lbs$35

21-40 lbs$42

41-70 lbs$60

71-100 lbs$72

101-130 lbs$86

131+ lbs$100

Grooming Pricing*

Face, Feet and Sanitary Trim

>20-70 lbs+$20

Plus price of bath

71+ lbs+$25

Plus price of bath

Full Groom, Trim or Shave Down

>20-70 lbs+$30

Plus price of bath

71+ lbs+$45

Plus price of bath



Can be added to either service

Nail Buffing$6

Nail Polish$12

Hair Dye$15+




Dematting fees$10+

Case by Case basis


*Grooming prices will change effective 10/7/19

How to get started

Our friendly staff is ready to pamper your dog. Whether a grooming appointment or a bath to refresh your pup, the best way is to call us directly and we’ll work to schedule your next appointment.

Ready to get started?

You can also call our Gambrills location at 443-281-DOGS, our Annapolis location at (443) 282-1152 or click here to send us a message.