Dog Thrive’s Foster Story

Here at Dog Thrive, we treat dogs like family and we ensure each and every dog (as well as owner) has a pleasurable and beneficial experience at our facility. That being said, we are also proud of the positive work Dog Thrive has done in our community by helping dogs in need of a family, which is why we partnered with Homeward Trails Animal Rescue! A non-profit organization that finds happy homes for dogs coming from high-kill animal shelters or those abandoned on the street. Dog Thrive President Matthew Stewart has been working with Homeward Trails Animal Rescue for years, providing free training to help rehabilitate fostered dogs.

Finding a good, forever home for a dog is not the easiest task. So, we at Dog Thrive decided to partner with Homeward Trails and be a foster home for dogs in need. Our foster dogs live 24/7 at Dog Thrive and are fully taken care of by feeding and caring for them at our expense until they are adopted. They also receive grooming and training, and they spend their days socializing in daycare. We weren’t kidding when we said we treat dogs like family!

Alike many dogs rescued, they can be aggressive, timid, anxious, etc. Dog Thrive becomes a perfect foster home as they are trained on proper behavior, naturally learn how to socialize with our daycare pack and get pampered by our grooming staff.

Since partnering with Homeward Trails, we are proud to announce that we have had three dogs adopted from Dog Thrive. Homeward Trails rescued two of those pups from the illegal meat trade in Thailand, where dogs are slaughtered in horrific ways and put into the market for consumption. Our lucky fosters are “Sprite” now Charlotte Grace (seen in the photo) a Shiba Inu mix, BellaDella a Border Collie mix and Miki a puppy Beagle Lab mix! Knowing where they were rescued from and then seeing them get adopted into their happy forever home is absolutely amazing! Nothing makes us happier than a happy ending.

If you are considering adopting a dog, please give us a call (443-281-DOGS) and come in at your convenience to spend time with one of our foster pups. Stay as long as you would like, come as many times as you would like, we just want to see each and every dog go to a happy, forever home. They deserve it!