Dog daycare in annapolis and gambrills

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About Dog Thrive's Daycare Facility

Dog Thrive has a state of the art indoor and outdoor play area with comfortable resting areas so your dogs can take a break and relax, and plenty ramps, risers, and tunnels to provide your dog with the ultimate daycare experience. Our daycare has top of the line rubberized flooring made specifically for dogs, so it’s easy to clean and it’s even easier on your dog’s joint and hips during a long day of playing.

All play groups will have constant supervision by trained Dog Thrive staff members. All dogs are placed in play groups based on size and temperament. You can rest assured your dog will be placed in a group that will provide them the most fun and fulfilling experience so it can have comfortable socialization with other dogs.


Dog Thrive also has an outside area surrounded by a privacy fence where your dog will get consistent visits to play, run, and go potty. Your dog will have the safety of our indoor space, and still be able to get some fresh air outside. Also, all dogs will be able to enjoy unlimited play time during daycare hours.

Dog Thrive's Dog daycare pricing

Regular Pricing

For the dog owners that need our daycare services once in a while.
Full Day
Over 4 Hour Stay


Half Day
Under 4 Hour Stay


Additional Dogs

Full Day
Over 4 Hour Stay, Per Dog


Half Day
Under 4 Hour Stay, Per Dog


Daycare Packages

10-Day Package

Purchase the package and your account will be credited for 10 days. Expires after 30 days.
Per Dog


Additional Dog



Bring Your Dog Any Day, All Month Unlimited. Excludes Holidays.
Per Dog


Additional Dog


*Dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered.


We’ll keep information logged on your dog to make sure we know if there are certain play groups they prefer, if they prefer indoor or outdoor play more, and any other important notes. If you ever want to know how your dogs is doing, just ask!

Ready to get started?

You can also call our Gambrills location at 443-281-DOGS, our Annapolis location at (443) 282-1152 or click here to send us a message. Or register now or login to our client portal to schedule your dog’s next day of fun.