Dog boarding in gambrills and annapolis

Standard, Cage-Free and Suites

Making your dog feel at home

When you leave your dog with Dog Thrive, you are leaving your dog at a place that considers your dog family. If your dog needs to be fed at certain times, needs medication, or has any other special needs, we will make it happen. Our goal is to have your dog transition into our dog boarding center as easy and worry free as possible.


what your dog can expect from our boarding experience

We offer different boarding options to make your dog most comfortable. Does your dog sleep in a crate at night and feel most comfortable there? No problem. Does your dog like to be in its own room with a little privacy? No problem. Does your dog like being around others cage free when sleeping at night? No problem. Looking to get your dog some training while you are away? Again, no problem! When you board your dog with Dog Thrive, you are boarding with a place that has no problem being fully customizable to fit your dog’s needs.


Dog Boarding pricing

Prices per night*


Includes full day of daycare. Must previously pass a temperament test.

Cage Free$75

Your dog will sleep in the open play area with other dogs. A Dog Thrive staff member will be on hand 24/7 staff to monitor all dogs in the play area. Cage free boarding includes a full day of daycare. All dogs taking advantage of our cage free boarding must pass a daycare temperament test. Cage Free boarding requires a minimum capacity to be utilized, if not met the dogs will be boarded in a suite. This capacity depends on suite vacancies; however dogs will never be standard boarded.


Let your dog relax and unwind in one of our personalized suites which have their own personal bed, flat screen TVs, and more than enough space to stretch their legs. Suites include a full day of daycare. All dogs taking advantage of our daycare must pass a temperament test.


Additional Dogs Cage Free$50 each

Additional Dogs in Suites$50 each

If you have more than one dog you can have additional dogs enjoy the same suite.

10 Minute Ball Toss$5

10 Minute Private Walk$5

Frozen Peanut Butter filled Kong$5

Grandma Mae’s all natural dog food$5/day

*Dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered. Any dog staying 3 or more nights must receive a wash (shampoo/rinse/dry). Wash prices are as follows: Dogs > 25 lbs $30. Dogs < 25 lbs $20

Our dog boarding monitoring process

During your dog’s stay, we will constantly be monitoring feeding time, potty breaks, and your dog’s weight to ensure your dog is as happy and healthy as possible. Please give us a call anytime to check on your dog while you are away!

Ready to get started?

You can also call our Gambrills location at 443-281-DOGS, our Annapolis location at 443-282-1152 or click here to send us a message.


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