Adopted Sibling Puppies Reunite at Dog Thrive!

Introducing, Parker and Pita! These two adorable lab/hound mixes are brother and sister from the same parents but we’re adopted separately, from Animal Resource Foundation in Chester, Maryland. Fortunately for us, they both were adopted by local families and are Daycare pack members at Dog Thrive Annapolis.

Thursday, February 22nd, was the first time they’ve met since being adopted and it was immediately apparent when introduced again, the deep seeded love and affection they had for one another. They played, cuddled and licked each other all day! Our entire staff could not handle the cuteness!

Through the power of social media, the owner of their mother saw our post on our Facebook Page about this and commented that Piper (their mom) says “Hi” to her beautiful babies. How sweet! We adore all the fantastic dogs we get to see each and every day and just had to share this story of a brother and sister reunited!

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