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We offer Group Training

We offer two different group dog training classes: beginner classes and intermediate classes. Our group dog classes are all three weeks long and they are all on the same day of the week. We welcome you to check out our most recent schedules for both beginner and intermediate group classes, as well as the link to sign up for any of them.

  • Our Beginner dog training classes teach your dog to sit, loose-leash walking, potty training, to stay, and much more!
  • Our Intermediate dog training classes teach your dog to leave-it, proper introductions (to both humans and other dogs), to not pull on walks, and much more!



We also offer private sessions

Dog Thrive offers individual dog training sessions designed specifically for your dog. Our one-on-one training will provide you and your family useful advice, training tips, and education specific for your dog. Contact us to schedule your in-home or on site consultation to get started.



Certified or professional trainers, led by owner Matthew Stewart are able to offer private training. You will get two private sessions within 30 days. During the 30 days, you also get full email, text, or phone call support where your trainer will be able to answer any question you may have within 24 hours in regards to your private in-person sessions. Private training requires a mandatory consultation.

Board and train

We understand that sometimes dogs need more than just a couple sessions. Board and train is a great option for a dog that needs rehabilitation, lots of training in a short period of time, or sped up puppy or beginning training. Dog Thrive will happily take your dog into our facility and give the dog daily training by our certified or professional trainers to make sure your dog improves and develops improved habits. Board and train is a minimum of one week and a consultation is mandatory prior to training.


Training Pricing


Group Training$100

See schedule above to sign up


Mandatory for private and board and train

1-on-1 Private Training$350

Two Sessions, Requires Consultation

Board and Train$175

Prices are per day (minimum one week), requires consultation.


Does your dog require special training?

Dog Thrive also offers fully customized dog training packages to best fit the needs your dog and you. Please contact us for more information.

How do i get started?

  • Fill out the training form.

  • One of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours.

  • Get ready to enjoy your dog like never before.

You can also call us at at 443-281-DOGS or click here to send us a message.