Dog walking and sitting

No need to rush back home

Dog Thrive is pleased to offer dog walking and sitting services to all communities within 10 miles of our facility. Let us stop by while you’re busy at work or away from home and give your dogs the exercise and relief they need.

Dog walking

Allow us to give your dog the attention and exercise he or she needs while you work or play somewhere away from home! All of our dog walkers have received one on one training from Dog Thrive President Matthew Stewart on how to properly leash, walk, and heel dogs.

Dog sitting

Let your dog or dogs go for walks, get fed, freshening water, have one on one play time while you are away, or anything else you’d like for us to do. Let us know what your dog’s specific needs are so that we can accommodate during your time away! Our dog sitting service can visit as many times as you’d like each day!

our promise is to keep you informed

Dog Thrive will let you know in real time that your dog is being cared for. You’ll get email or text message notification during the visit.


our rates

dog walking rates

15 minutes$15

30 minutes$20

45 minutes$30

Have more dogs?

Each Additional dog$2

Dog Sitting Rates

15 minutes$15

30 Minutes$20

45 Minutes$30

Always with the highest level of standards

All Dog Thrive dog walkers are professionally trained and fully insured. Your dog will be treated like a member of our own family.

Ready to get started?

You can also call us at at 443-281-DOGS or click here to send us a message.


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